First, we will  review the sport of GRID and the difference between a GRID match and a general Functional Movement competition.  You will be familiar with some parts of this sport however having a full knowledge of GRID and a GRID match will be essential to your success as a referee.

Next, we will cover how to referee the sport of GRID.  With the fast-paced environment, competitive atmosphere, and split-second decisions you will be making, being prepared is the only way to be a high-quality referee.  We will describe the roles of each referee position, what you can anticipate, and even let you test you referee skills!

After some sections you will have the opportunity to take a practice quiz.  These quizzes are graded but your scores will not prevent you from completing the course.  The purpose of the practice quiz is to reinforce important topics in the section. 

Lets get started and move into our first section…

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