GRID Referee Course


This fun and interactive course will guide you through an introduction to the sport of GRID as well as teach you how to be a successful GRID referee.

Why are we charging for this course?

  1. There is a lot of knowledge and effort that went in to creating this
  2. More importantly, we want to know that you’re serious. Becoming an FGL ref is a commitment that comes with hard work and a lot of rewards – a small monetary charge is one way we ensure that you’re ready to take that commitment. If you work even one match with us you’ll earn back the ref course fee, even has a training ref.
LESSON 1: Match/Race Format

As you can see, the sport of GRID has a very distinct structure when compared to a general Functional Movement event.  As a GRID referee you must know the format of each race, including the elements of the race  and the repetition scheme.  

LESSON 2: Referee Roles and Responsibilities

There are specific referee roles during a GRID match and each referee plays a vital part in ensuring a successful, fair and fun event.  We will explain each referee role in this section.

LESSON 3: Lane Chief and Lane Refs

This course discusses the roles of Lane Chief and Lane Refs.

LESSON 4: Start/Finish Line Ref, Timing Ref and Tracking Ref

This course discusses the roles of Start/Finish Line Ref, Timing Ref and Tracking Ref.


This course discusses HSPU.

LESSON 6: Waterfall

This course discusses Waterfall.

LESSON 7: Professionalism and Ethics

As a GRID Referee you will be playing a very important role in a large group effort to successfully put on an exciting, fun, and most importantly, fair event. It is critical that you are professional and ethical at all times before, during and after any event in which you are participating.  You are representing the organization that is hosting the GRID match and they will be compensating you for time, therefore you have a responsibility to your host, the athletes, the sport, and yourself to provide the best service possible.

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