Are you interested in GRID?

Do you like to be a part of a team?

Do you enjoy high pressure environments and quick decision making?

Are you cool headed in the face of adversity?

Can you think well under pressure?

Do you have an eye for detailed movement standards?

If this describes you,
try out to be an FGL ref!

“Reffing a GRID match is really exciting. It’s fast paced from start to finish, it’s constant excitement.” 

Tomas, Chief Ref

The experience

Refs are a huge part of the FGL team – we cannot accomplish our mission without talented, passionate refs ensuring that we are providing a fair competitive experience. Our refs are in the thick of the action – it’s almost as exciting as playing on a team!

Your Goals

If you would someday like to play GRID on an FGL team, reffing is an excellent stepping stone.

If you’d like a seasonal job where you’re learning something new and exciting, our refs are all paid.

If you’d like to someday own a team or league, reffing experience is a must.


If you want to be on the ground floor of a new sport that someday will be a household name, now is the time to get involved.

Ref Oath

I hereby pledge, upon my character , to uphold the rules and standards set forth for this match. I will do so to the absolute best of my ability without bias of any sort. I will respect and support the players, coaches, and my fellow referees. I will remain focused in the face of outside influence. I will honor my position to uphold the integrity of this match, and the sport of GRID. May the best team win.

The Job

A Refs responsibility is to create a fair competitive environment for FGL players. Our ref team structure:


Final decision maker for all competitive decisions.


Chief Ref and Lane Chief

Responsible for ensuring all counts are fair and accurate during match play.
Responsible for training all other refs, and leading the ref team.
Ensures proper ref conduct and professionalism throughout every match.


Lane Ref

Responsible for counting reps during match play.


Start Line Ref

Responsible for ensuring all substitution tags are accurate and roster rules are followed.


Finish Line Ref

Responsible for taking the time for a team’s race finish and that finish line race rules are followed.



The Pay

We value our refs who have skill and passion, and we aim to pay competitively to those who put in the time to learn the sport and perfect their skills. We are also a startup, and refs understand that the value of performing this job is more than just money…

Pay ranges from $15 (during training) to $50 (Chief Ref) per hour-long match.

Ready to try out?

The perks

  • Behind the scenes access to FGL teams and league
  • Room for growth (long term positions available including
    • yearlong Ref manager
    • ref trainer
    • competition coordinator
    • commissioner

If you see the vision of this sport’s potential growth, get in now.

Staff sponsor perks and samples

Be a part of the FGL team, meet like-minded people, take advantage of professional development opportunities and learn how to be an entrepreneur from the FGL Operators.


What is the Season schedule?

The 2021 season will run from July – September. Exact dates will be announced soon

Where are the matches?

  • Season opener at Europa Games in Orlando

  • Southern conference matches in Pembroke Pines (Miami)

  • Northern conference matches at Valor Fitness in Seminole (Tampa)

What is the time commitment?

  • We require all refs to take the training course (link) and attend an in person ref training or spend their first match training.
  • The more time you commit to learning the rules, studying the match formats and standards, the better you’ll be and the more money you will earn.
  • Each match has a call time of 1.5 hours prior to the match starting, and the match itself is one hour long. We often host more than one match in a day
  • Pay is per match.

Why do I have to pay for the online training course?


Reffing for the FGL is a commitment and we need to make sure you’re serious about making that commitment in order for our staff to spend the time to train you. The course is inexpensive ($10) and regardless of what role you perform, you’ll make back your money spent on working just one match. If you are not able to pay the ref course fee but are still committed to being an FGL ref in the 2021 Season, please email


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